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Fischer Chiropractic Center Reviews

What Our Hamilton Patients Say

At Fischer Chiropractic Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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He has the “best hands” in the business

In 2006, I went to my office at Mercer Hospital to volunteer for the day. After 20 minutes, I suffered severe lower back pain and asked my friends as to where I should go for some chiropractic treatment. I was advised to go to Fischer Chiropractic Center. When I called for an appointment and gave my condition to Dr. Fischer, he said, “Come over right away. I am going to retire but I will give you my new associate Dr. Jess, as he has the ‘best hands’ in the business”. I later found out what that meant.

I have enjoyed Dr. Jess so very much these many years for his caring ways and very good treatment. Also, I will not forget the office friendship and will praise this company and recommend them anytime I can do so.

Joan S.

How can I say “thank you”?

Dr. Jess, how can I say “thank you”? After four nights in the hospital and many, many tests I was still in intense pain. After an hour and a half with you, the relief was not instantaneous but by 2:30 there was a definite improvement. By 6 pm, my pain was almost gone.

I was so happy last night – I couldn’t sleep for joy instead of pain.

Joan P.

Exceptional, professional service

For over 40 years, I have appreciated the benefits of chiropractic care. I have been a friend of Paul Fischer’s, and a patient of Fischer Chiropractic Center for many years.

I have received much welcomed physical relief by taking advantage of chiropractic treatment by many competent practitioners, each delivering this meaningful service in their own way. However, over my years of chiropractic treatment, Dr. Jess stands out as one of the best!

I have never experienced such consistent positive results, making my dealing with life’s daily aches and pains much easier to endure. I look forward to my visits, and I am never disappointed!

A great number of people are much better off because of Dr. Jess’ exceptional, professional service.

I thank you and may you continue to provide this very much needed service for many years to come.

Jack R.

I always feel comfortable, welcome, and in good hands with them.

In my opinion, Fischer Chiropractic Center are the very best chiropractors around and I’m not the only one who thinks this. I have been a patients of theirs for many, many years now and I see Dr. Jess Rosenberg. I find he, in particular, is outstanding. He is the most caring and gentle doctor I have ever known. He is ALWAYS upbeat and loves his job. In fact, I can say that about everyone on the staff from the receptionist to the chiropractic assistants to the doctors. I always feel comfortable, welcome and in good hands with them. They all treat you like you’re their only patient.

The therapy is great and I enjoy my weekly visits. Dr. Jess always says, one must remember, you can’t just go on when you are hurting and in pain. It is the cumulative effect of your visits that realigns your spine and keeps you healthy mentally and physically. I can’t say enough about the group. Try them and see for yourself!

Julie N.

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